What are cookies?

When you visit a website - a small text file called a cookie - is stored on your computer or mobile device. It helps the website to remember information about your device and how you use the website.

We use these cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience possible on our website.

What happens if you disable cookies in your browser?

Clearing or disabling cookies may hinder your experience and limit functionality on our website.

By disabling cookies on your browser you’re able to limit the collection of your information. In the event that you opt to disable cookies, certain services on our website may not work as they’re intended to.

Types of cookies we use.

Our website makes use of Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Below is a short description of each explaining the difference.

- Session cookies

These are temporary in nature. They’re deleted whenever your session ends or you close your browser.

- Persistent cookies

These are stored on the device you used to access our site. They expire after a set period of time or whenever you choose to delete them.

What do we do with these cookies?

Cookies are used to optimize & improve your overall experience and are used for:

  • Session management
  • Device identification and classification
  • Analytics

Your personal information is not at risk. We do not save any information which could make you personally identifiable: Cookies ie. sessions, device specific information and the analytics data we collect, is only ever stored on your personal device.