How will this Warranty benefit you?

  • Takes care of unexpected mechanical malfunctions
  • Takes care of unexpected electrical failures
  • Qualified Mitsubishi technicians
  • Genuine Mitsubishi parts
  • Can be transferred to the next owner and increase resale value

How do you use this product?

  1. The administrator of this policy, CMC & M-Sure – will assist you every step of the way.
  2. If you become aware of a mechanical breakdown or electrical failure, you need to report it to M-Sure within 7 days.
  3. Submit a claim to M-sure by: Calling – 0860 329 729; Emailing – [email protected]; or Visiting:
  4. Once your claim is approved, you will be required to take your car to an approved repairer within 7 days of getting approval.
  5. In order to submit a claim easily you will need; Your name and contact details; Your policy number and You car’s current kilometre reading.

product disclaimer

*Please read your Mitsubishi Motors Warranty booklet for a full list of the inclusions, limitations, terms and conditions that apply.