How will a Service Plan benefit you?

Which parts are provided for?**

Oil filter

Your car’s oil filter catches all kinds of dirt, sludge and contaminants from your car’s various oils (engine, transmission, lubricating or hydraulic oil). Dirty oil is thick, abrasive and potentially damaging your car’s bigger components (e.g. the engine or gearbox).

Spark plugs

Your car’s spark plugs are small electrical gadgets which fit into your engine’s cylinder head where it sparks to ignite fuel and create combustion. The combustion provides the force that causes your engine to start and run the car.

Air filter

Your car’s air filter protects your engine from potentially harmful dust and other particles which can cause unnecessary wear or blockages to your engine.


Responsible for synchronising your engine’s functions, your cambelt is a vital part of your car. If it fails, so does your engine, causing your car to shut down completely. Replaced only if specified by the manufacturer service schedule.

Pollen filter element

The pollen filter prohibits unwanted particles like dust from entering the cabin of your car. It keeps the air clean for your optimal health.

Fuel filter

Your car’s fuel filter ensures the smooth running of petrol or diesel to the engine by trapping grit and dirt, which can easily clog up your car’s fuel injectors. Blocked fuel filters can cause all sorts of problems – from power loss to pump and injector failure.

Workshop consumables

(maximum of R100.00 excl. VAT)


Lubricants such as your engine oil, transmission oil and brake fluid keep your car’s major components functioning smoothly.

How do you use this product?

  • Check your service intervals – stick to your car’s manufacturer service schedule.
  • Make a booking – at your dealer of choice.
  • Say you have a LiquidCapital Plan.
  • Authorisation go-ahead – the dealer will call the authorisation centre on your behalf.
  • Collect and confirm – Collect and inspect your invoice and car.

Product disclaimer

Only vehicles younger than 10 years that have done less than 250 000 km qualify.

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*Mitsubishi Assist roadside assistance Terms & Conditions Apply
**Terms, Conditions and Limitations apply. Benefits correct at time of publication. E&OE.

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